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The Next Step Is a Complimentary Consultation with Savannah Plastic Surgery

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All our plastic surgeons have extensive experience performing breast augmentations, and each will be able to answer any questions you have about your desired results, the surgery itself, and recovery. It all happens in 5 simple steps:

Before June 1st*, sign up for a consultation for a breast augmentation (silicone or saline implants) priced at $4,950!

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“This practice is always on time, always extremely professional, never makes you feel rushed, always take enough time to answer all questions I may have, and most importantly, they want to make you look better, and not like you have had plastic surgery.”

Don’t miss out on making this year your best one yet!

Breast augmentation at $4,950

*Must have consultation before June 1, 2020. Actual surgery will be performed after June 1.

You’re greeted by one of our receptionists and then seen to a private room, where your surgeon meets with you one-on-one. Consultations generally last about an hour.

In 2020, you deserve something good.

Breast augmentation (silicone or saline implants) priced at $4,950

You talk with your surgeon about what you’d like your breasts to look like, your medical history, what surgery is like, your options for breast implants, and what you can expect from recovery. If you have photo examples of breasts you like, this is the time to bring them out.

Next, you have a breast exam. Your doctor will take measurements and photos for your file.

You’ll leave the consultation with a full idea of what to expect from breast augmentation surgery. If you’re ready, we can make an appointment for your surgery before you head home!

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You take a look at before-and-after images, so you can see what different implant types look like on different women.

Finally, you get to try some implants out! You can touch saline and silicone samples of different sizes and even try them on in an unpadded bra to see how they feel on your body.